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Welcome to our Download-Software.Biz Website. You will find some of the most useful software that will get the job done for your computer and online needs.

We strive to provide the Best Software in various categories such as Spyware Removal, Driver Updates, Privacy Control and File and Photo Recovery Software and much more!

We hope it will serve as a one stop software site for your software needs that may arise from time to time. We Appreciate Your Business and we  are Very Grateful to You for same.

Make Computer Faster

regcure-pro_boxshot_migrate_9226-boxAre you asking yourself "How To Make Computer Faster "......the answer lies in a Registry Cleaner to get all the broken and junk files out of the computer and make it run like new again.

RegCure Pro will help your computer run much faster by removing malware, spyware and computer viruses that are the main cause of your computer being sluggish. When you first start up your computer, it often goes through many unnecessary processes that you may be unaware of and which contributes to it slowing down. Yes, it can be quite frustrating when this happens. RegCure Pro will remove these un-needed processes. There may also be files in its memory that are broken up into smaller files and again this can delay the startup and smooth running of your pc. RegCure Pro will Defrag memory to help with this process and you will have a much cleaner computer.

RegCure Pro will scan your entire computer and get it working like it should and bring back the speed it had when you bought it. The RegCure Pro Software will do the needful for you. Just install the software and let it will do its job to your complete satisfaction!
plpc_143_marketing_migrate_4-143privacy controlsClear Search History

Whenever do you any searches online you always leave traces of the searches you have done. Your online activities and searches can be viewed by anyone who wishes to keep an eye on your online and computer searches.  To enjoy privacy you need to Clear Search History. These search histories cannot be easily cleared from your browser and cannot be completely wiped out even by clearing browser history.  You can leave yourself vulnerable to prying eyes. When you need to protect your online privacy there is nothing better to get rid of all traces of all your online searches by using an amazing software known as “Privacy Controls”. This software will ensure your computer is clean from all of your browsing activities.

Privacy Controls cleans your hard drive of all unwanted files. It features full support to erase files related to Internet Explorer, Firefox, VLC, Skype, DivX, BitTorrent and others. You can try a free scan to discover where your private information is hiding and to erase it completely!

Privacy Controls will erase all the information that would otherwise link you to your internet browsing history. It will completely and permanently erase a wide range of online searches to give you peace of mind and provide the security needed. Clear Search History Now!

Anti Virus Protection 
internetsecurity_box_leftIt is extremely important to have the best possible anti Virus Protection to stay safe in computer and online networking environment.

Online phishing activities along with spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, computer viruses are some of the threats that computer users face today.

Malware are malicious programs that infiltrate your computer and this in turn infects your computer and deprives you of your privacy and security. Such infiltrations by spyware leave you vulnerable to loss of personal information and can even lead to financial losses.

In order to stay safe online and protect your computer from internet threats you need a top notch software designed to eliminate all such invasive threats and anti-virus software will protect you by scanning and removing the many viruses and spyware that pose danger. You need premium anti virus protection from all these dangerous threats from the latest and best intrusion detection software to protect your online and computer activities. We recommend Anti Virus Protection software to give you peace of mind and a safe networking.

The Anti Virus Protection software has Advanced Firewall that has a built-in "Intrusion Detection System" that  blocks network threats automatically. You can also monitor traffic, view log files, or create custom application and port rules. It also has Web Shield that automatically secures your browser from websites that are known to distribute malware. You can specify websites to block or to allow thereby giving you complete control on sites you are comfortable with. You also get Free & Frequent Definition Updates for all the virus, spyware, and malware databases to protect you against emerging threats.

Best Way To Backup Computer

sc2fastmulebackupsoftwareWould you like the best way to backup computer ?Would you like to have a faster and easy way to back up/sync files online and be able to keep all your data safe irrespective of the type of disaster that strikes your local personal computer.

The software we recommend backup computer is one that will work when starting up your computer, yes, right from the start! The software should run in the background without taking up too much system resources to backup, detect and sync the changes of files or directory to the server of any size or type. All of its operations must be easy as those you already have on your own computer and be hassle free.

You need backup computer software to protect all of your data from any unforeseen disaster. It should be automatic, secure and reliable and at a very affordable price.  The best backup software is here.